Defining Spatial Data Science

June 12, 2021

When creating solutions in response to research problems, spatial thinking is necessary. Scientists come up with methods that allow a thorough analysis of data, done with the help of state-of-the-art tools that help with real-world applications. As a result, the spatial sciences benefit, which later trickle down to education and communities across the globe. 

Spatial data science is indeed an important branch of science, but it warrants more attention. People also need to learn about its applications, especially in the business world. To help you learn more about spatial data science, we’ve created this quick and easy guide to follow:

What is spatial data science?

Spatial data science is regarded as a subset of general data science, which essentially focuses on the unique characteristics of spatial data. Simply put, it answers the question “where?” in various areas of research. As you know, data science pertains to the extraction of meaningful information from data gathered, which is then compiled and turned into solid solutions. In the context of spatial data, however, data science merely supports spatial data science. 

Data science treats spatial information (i.e. the longitudinal and latitudinal data points) as a merely added variable, without the need to adjust software tools or analytical methods used. Spatial data science, on the other hand, deems the location, spatial interaction, and distance of each data as highly important. From there, specialized analytical methods and software tools are employed, all designed to store, analyze, retrieve, and even explore all the given data. 

From here, we can gather that spatial data science merely relies on data science as a statistic, and nothing more. For the general data scientists, this makes their roles easier, especially since they gain access to spatial data, including its properties and behavior models. 

Spatial data science is a field that involves the manipulation and drawing of relationships between the many domains of data analysis—specifically in the spatial domain. Their specialized knowledge allows them to understand coordinate and projection systems, geometric functions, polygon validity, and so much more. 

What makes spatial science important for data scientists across the globe?

Although spatial data science is a world that remains to be explored to the fullest, data scientists understand that the benefits will be well worth it. There’s so much to learn and thread back to the general data science field, especially since the world is on an ever-changing plane. Modern data science has already developed refined techniques, practices of which have already benefited industries across the world.

This knowledge and tools allow organizations to hone techniques needed to extract and analyze data, such as lead generation, consumer market behavior, and other market trends. Simply put, spatial science data can very well lead to highly effective, transferable, and practical solutions such as resource management, software development, geodata dissemination, and so much more. 

Spatial data is known to be more intuitive, thereby allowing you to be more innovative. With an easy-to-use spatial data platform by your side, wielding such innovation can very well be the key to your ultimate success.

The Bottom Line

Data science remains to be a complex subject matter, as is its subset of spatial data science. However, one thing remains clear—it’s knowledge that can be incredibly valuable for businesses looking to add value by improving data collection, manipulation, and analysis. Even so, it can be difficult for business owners to know when to start when it comes to geodata and everything that it comes with. That’s why working with leading industry experts is key to gathering and using the right information to the fullest.

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