Use Case

Automated change detection for optimized water management.

March 19, 2021

Dutch tech company Ilionx supports water management authorities by automatically identifying physical changes in waterways such as streams, rivers, and canals. These insights help water authorities to make their operations safer and more effective.

However, in building such an automated change detection system, Ilionx has to face its own set of challenges. The remote sensing team at Ilionx that leads this effort has a client-in-the-loop development process. This is a very smart way to provide quality results and fitting solutions that truly delight users but it also leads to a cumbersome feedback phase.

Sharing intermediate results with clients can take a lot of time, and providing clients with an intuitive way to give feedback was not originally in place. As such, the process of getting clients up-to-date and in the loop to harvest valuable input felt confusing and very slow-moving at times.

“Ellipsis Drive provides a full solution for data sharing, management, and collaboration when relaying our results to clients”

Dominique Cirkel, Data Scientist & Remote Sensing Expert, Ilionx

Setting out to find a better way to work with clients constructively and painlessly, Ilionx decided to use Ellipsis Drive as a tool for live collaboration. Leveraging the ability to easily share and iterate on spatial data, Ilionx is now able to keep clients in the loop on the development of its solutions and can receive feedback without extra effort. Project versions, changes, and notes are all logged for collaborators to use. 

With an off-the-shelf feedback flow in place that keeps clients up-to-date, the team can focus on creating unique insights of the highest quality for their clients. Empowered by Ilionx’ change detection service, water authorities can more easily respond to critical changes in waterways, reducing any potential for dangerous situations while saving taxpayers’ money.

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