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Ellipsis Drive works on a simple storage based pricing model. This means that you only pay for the amount of data that you host in your Ellipsis account. You can scale your data storage up or down easily and at any time depending on your business needs. Just pay for what you store and enjoy license-free, unlimited data sharing!

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Our storage plans

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You can choose between three storage plans: Free, Regular and Pro. You can switch between storage plans at any time depending on your data sharing preferences, usage, and commercial applications. Fair warning: if you go Pro, chances are you’ll become as excited about easy spatial data usage as the rest of our community!

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5GB Free Storage
Share Your Content
Search Drive Content
Join Maps
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Select Your Storage
Select Processing Units
Private Storage
Select Your Storage
Select Processing Units
Private Storage
Subscriptions to your Maps
Flexible billing
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Pricing Calculator

Transparent pricing for everyone

Use the pricing calculator below to get a clear overview of your monthly expenses. Keep in charge of your finances and let your customers know what they can expect!

Account Type

Monthly Cost


Set the storage space you want to reserve.Change at any time with a REGULAR or PRO account.


Processing Units

Choose how many processing units you want each month. These are needed to perform (heavy) actions on your content. For most usage the default is sufficient. Change at any time with a PRO account.


Final Price

Manage Your Subscription