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Seamless Delivery of Remote Sensing Analytics to Clients

September 29, 2021


Remote sensing analytics companies are highly sought after in the current marketplace. It comes as no surprise really. We are living in the information era and remote sensing analytics companies provide just that, valuable information!

Do take note that there is a huge difference between data and information. Data is raw, voluminous and oftentimes, useless. On the other hand, information is power.  Information is insightful and helps in making well informed decisions that might just be the difference between success and failure. 

Talking in terms of the geospatial industry, remote sensing analytics companies are the difference between data and information. Using powerful algorithms, they are able to convert large amounts of data into information that is used by organizations of all sizes and forms for their decision making. 

Obstacles to Remote Sensing companies

Believe it or not, the hindrance to these remote sensing companies is not the inadequacy of their algorithms anymore. It never was really. Their algorithms do a great job in deciphering data. The roadblock is turning out to be the dissemination of this valuable information to the relevant stakeholders. 

More and more organizations are wanting to get involved with geospatial data and remote sensing companies because of the value that it adds. Traditionally, data exchanges would occur via FTP transfer, WeTransfer or Google Drive. But these methods barely get the job done with their limited functionality. There is added pressure now to deliver information efficiently, flexibly and swiftly.

Some advanced Remote Sensing companies do partly solve these issues by offering an API and/or a custom web application that offer their clients flexible data delivery, but these end-to-end industry-tailored vertical integrations can hinder the core focus of an analytics company: creating valuable analytics and information products based on remotely sensed data.

A New Way of Sharing Remotely Sensed Information

Using the power of cloud computing, a new and better way to share geospatial data has emerged. The technology converts geospatial data into live actionable maps. The technology addresses 2 key pain points –

  1. The time consuming chain of upload-download for both parties is eliminated. Once uploaded on the server, data is converted into a live map that can be ingested by clients anytime, anywhere. All it takes is a URL and an internet connection. 
  1. Versioning and access control is ensured via multiple endpoints. Clients can be as involved as they want to be during the whole process. 

Ellipsis Drive’s plug-and-play Solution

Decentralization of geospatial data has a tonne of benefits and that is exactly what we do. Multiple endpoints allows simultaneous access and versioning which makes project management so much easier. Your customers don’t need to download the data, they can just view it and edit it by gaining access from you. 

Simply put, Ellipsis Drive offers an off-the-shelf product that offers Remote Sensing companies like Satellogic, and 52 Impact a lightweight solution by making data interoperably available via API, Python, OGC protocols for ingestion in GIS softwares and a low threshold user-friendly webviewer. To define our efforts and product offering in one word – Collaboration!

You have come to the right place if you identify with any of the following  –

  1. Reduced downtime for clients as a result of real time maps available on the cloud server. Ingest insights anytime, anywhere
  2. Our solution is ideal for sharing sample data with prospects to speed up project acquisition and reduce constant back and forths.
  3. Get more spotlight on your geospatial data by becoming a part of the Ellipsis Community that allows you to showcase your data publicly to the world   


Transcend to the next level by merging your remote sensing acumen with cloud technology. Become even more relevant to your clients. Enjoy the convenience and satisfaction that comes with this new way of conducting business. If you’re interested in knowing more about our products and services then contact us now and start your journey, the right way! 

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