Selling spatial data is hard work.


It's hard to understand.

Spatial data is very technical, making it difficult for buyers to define what they need and hard for sellers to communicate how their offering adds value.

A broad spectrum of preferences.

Different personas consume and ingest spatial data very differently. This makes it near impossible to find a uniform method to deliver data in a way that fits them all.

The solution!

To grow your business, your data needs to be easy to view, easy to understand, and easy to ingest. Regardless of your prospect's starting point. 

Try Ellipsis Drive today to make your data product easy to view, easy to share, and easy to use so you can land your next client and ensure their success when using your products.


Go from raw data to an online map in minutes.


Share your maps in real time and connect them to your client's tools of choice.


Sell your content by simply naming your price and accepting subscribers.

Ellipsis Drive proudly supports

We believe that everyone has data worth sharing. What's yours?

Start sharing today!

Showcase the quality and impact of your data convincingly, through easy link-based sharing of samples in an attractive dynamic map.

Clicking a link that opens your data as an online map is much easier for your prospects than opening and visualizing a file or pulling data from an API. As such Ellipsis Drive speeds up your sales cycle at the top of the funnel.

Safeguard success for your clients through service delivery that facilitates a wide spectrum of users beyond the initial sale.

Spatial data consumers represent a dispersed and interdisciplinary user base. Ellipsis Drive supports four endpoints that service non-technical users (web viewer), developers (API) , data scientists (Python package), and GIS professionals (OGC protocols) with seamless ingestion of your product into their workflow (simultaneously). As such Ellipsis Drive facilitates bottom of the funnel conversion and customer success beyond the initial sale.

Future-proof your product by delivering data as a streaming web service.

This is important for clients who use your content in their own, or in third party, applications. If a client needs to turn acquired data into a webservice themselves, they will spend a lot of time and effort. Having it done for them creates direct value for your clients base.

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Ellipsis Drive is the best technological execution of leveraging OGC standards to seamlessly integrate geospatial content into any department, organization or workflow.

Scott Simmons

Chief Operating Officer

Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)

The easiest professional solution for visualizing and sharing drone images. A must-have for every professional working in spatial planning.

Dick van Leeuwen

Project Manager


Ellipsis Drive provides a full solution for data sharing, management and collaboration when relaying our results to clients.

Dominique Cirkel

Data Scientist


Delivering our data services via Ellipsis Drive helps us to focus on our product. Clients are delighted with the presentation of results.

Tim Spijkerman

Data Scientist


With Ellipsis Drive we build a monitoring system that provides us with impactful insights to understand drivers to land use change.

Sander van Andel

Program Coordinator