Activate spatial data the easy way!

A plug and play solution for using, sharing and selling spatial data.

Ellipsis Drive proudly supports

Ellipsis Drive is here for spatial data worth sharing.

Ellipsis Drive is optimized for sharing, collaborating on, and selling geospatial content. It empowers professionals to safely activate, manage, and share their data via the web in under 10 minutes.

Spatial data is relevant for everyone, so Ellipsis Drive makes ingestion, integration, and collaboration seamless by offering each professional group simultaneous access via their tools of choice. This way no one gets left behind.

By removing the disconnect between teams, disciplines and organizations, Ellipsis Drive solidifies your success as a spatial data user or producer. Together, we have the answers.


Go from raw data to an online map in minutes.


Share your maps and work together in real time while using your tools of choice.


Sell your content by simply naming your price and accepting subscribers.

You activate it, you own it!

Ellipsis Drive has a simple storage-based business model: you pay a monthly fee for the amount of data in your Drive. That’s it. The number of people you share content with, or how that content is being used, is up to you and does not affect fees in any way.

We offer the vault, but you keep the keys!

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How it works

Uploading spatial data files to the Drive transforms them into online maps and webservices. Now your content is approachable via multiple endpoints. These include the Ellipsis browser viewer/editor, API, Python, and OCG protocols. Different users, both nontechnical and technical, are enabled to use your content without confusion. All authorized users can view, edit, and integrate content simultaneously. All edits are logged, reversible, and visible in real time.

In simple terms: it works like a Drive!


Create a new map.


Upload files to your maps.


Style and edit your new content.


Share it with your target audience.

Community Project

Are you curious to see Ellipsis Drive in action? Great!

You can sign up for a free account to join existing projects or create projects of your own. Visit our Help Center for support on getting started.

You can also check out a community project right away! A community project is a map that is publicly available for everyone. Here you can learn what activated drive content looks like in your own browser.

Open Community Project

To learn more about connecting with drive content via OGC protocols, API and Python, you can visit the Help Center or Developer Center.

Ellipsis Drive is the best technological execution of leveraging OGC standards to seamlessly integrate geospatial content into any department, organization or workflow.

Scott Simmons

Chief Operating Officer

Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)

The easiest professional solution for visualizing and sharing drone images. A must-have for every professional working in spatial planning.

Dick van Leeuwen

Project Manager


Ellipsis Drive provides a full solution for data sharing, management and collaboration when relaying our results to clients.

Dominique Cirkel

Data Scientist


Delivering our data services via Ellipsis Drive helps us to focus on our product. Clients are delighted with the presentation of results.

Tim Spijkerman

Data Scientist


With Ellipsis Drive we build a monitoring system that provides us with impactful insights to understand drivers to land use change.

Sander van Andel

Program Coordinator


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