You want

Fast and secure access
to your spatial content

from any workflow

Seamlessly manage, access and consume spatial files that
instantly render into your workflows, apps and tools of choice


The Problem

Handling spatial data is expensive and time-consuming

In a complex data environment, ingesting, managing, and integrating your data from multiple sources is a major challenge.

Your solution

The world's #1 drive for spatial data

Specifically created for raster, vector and 3D point cloud data.

Ellipsis Drive converts uploaded spatial files into beautiful live maps and web services organizing them just like your favorite drive for office documents.

And what’s more, it scalably renders spatial content directly into your favorite tools and apps of choice

Faster than you

Connect spatial content to your workflow in minutes

Enjoy Industry-leading performance for data visualisation, querying and analytics.

We integrate with the tools your team and customers already use.

Ellipsis Drive supports the current and future needs of you and your clients.


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Ellipsis Drive is a great, simplified alternative when traditional data publishing solutions become too complex for non-GIS professionals.

Data Scientists

Davide Passarelli

Senior Technical Specialist Geoservices at Planetek

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We have imagery delivered via Ellipsis Drive for easy data management and seamless integration with our clients processes.

Data Scientists

Jordan Schwantz

Partner Success Manager at SkyWatch

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Ellipsis Drive is the best technological execution of leveraging OGC standards to seamlessly integrate geospatial content into any department, organization or workflow.

Data Scientists

Scott Simmons


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Ellipsis Drive provides a full solution for data sharing, management and collaboration when relaying our results to clients.

Data Scientists

Dominique Cirkel

Data Scientist at ILIONX

Delivering our data services via Ellipsis Drive helps us to focus on our product. Clients are delighted with the presentation of results.

Data Scientists

Tim Spijkerman

Data Scientist at CAELI

With Ellipsis Drive, we build a monitoring system that provides us with impactful insights to understand drivers to land use change.

Data Scientists

Sander van Andel

Program Coordinator at IUCN NL

Company Image

The easiest professional solution for visualizing and sharing drone images. A must-have for every professional working in spatial planning.

Data Scientists

Dick van Leeuwen

Project Manager at MEET B.V.

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Ellipsis Drive is a great way to quickly present and share your spatial data.

Data Scientists

Jack Elston

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at BLACK SWIFT TECHNOLOGIES

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Ellipsis Drive helps us visualize and live-stream our high volume spatial datasets to support the efforts of our sales team. We experience great responsiveness from Ellipsis Drive whenever we need their assistance.

Data Scientists

Vikalpa Jetly


Company Image

Our EO data based information products place high demands on the flexibility and performance of the underlying data infrastructure. By collaborating with Ellipsis Drive, we can focus more on further improving the quality and user-friendliness of our products, which serves the interests of our customers.

Data Scientists

Roland Hooghiemstra


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Ellipsis Drive is our #1 choice of no-nonsense backend for easy integration of spatial data with our tailor-made front-ends.

Data Scientists

Thijs Perenboom

Data Consultant at 52IMPACT

Providing actionable geo-information about tree health that creates value for farmers and foresters is our core focus. It's great to work with Ellipsis Drive as a platform for data management, collaboration and integration to stay true to that focus while also providing end-to-end solutions for users and partners.

Data Scientists

Hamed Mehdipoor

Co-founder & Director at Spectro-AG

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Effectively distributing and integrating aerial imagery with a large and diverse group of organizations is a unique Ellipsis Drive capability. When we are stuck on anything, contact is easily established, and we can rely on Ellipsis Drive to help us deal with our challenges fast.

Data Scientists

André Nagelhout

Project Advisor at AeroVision

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Ellipsis Drive supports our goals by bringing in off-the-shelf functionality when it comes to hosting, organizing and integrating geodata of any type that we would otherwise have to build ourselves.

Data Scientists

Reinder de Jong

Software Engineer at Geoserve

Company Image

Ellipsis Drive helps us flexibly render vector and raster data in our own application. We especially value the easy conversion of raster data to map tiles. I would happily recommend this solution to peers!

Data Scientists

Jakub Dziwisz

Chief Operating Officer at Orbify

Company Image

Ellipsis Drive offers superb customer support and transparent storage-based pricing. A valuable combo that is hard to find.

Data Scientists

Christopher Tull

Project Manager at California Data Collaborative

Learn what makes Ellipsis Drive profound yet wonderfully familiar

The technology to make it happen

Upload to the cloud

Upload your files to Ellipsis Drive. A familiar feeling cloud based management system that's totally optimized for spatial data.


Activate your data

Activate your uploaded files to get them parsed, tiled, reprojected and indexed into fully interoperable, web-based data layers. Ready for high performance use by any audience you authorize.

Use and integrate

Visualize and use your interactive data layers directly in a browser, or integrate them into your tools, applications and workflows with a wide selection of fit-for-purpose packages and plugins.


Bottom line

Supercharge your spatial content

6x more
Prospect engagement

when sharing data samples

70% faster
Project completion

with automated data ingestion and easy management

8x more
Product engagement

when delivering services to clients

Your Drive, your Data:
Securely hosted

Ellipsis Drive comes with advanced built-in data security and privacy capabilities, providing secure access to your spatial files.

Operating on a simple monthly storage fee. Say hello to zero user-based fees and uninhibited content sharing with tailored access for everyone.

Ready to revolutionize the way you work with spatial data?