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Make efficient use of your data

Location data can greatly enhance our ability to manage risk, but doing so in an ROI-positive way requires excellent data management. Ellipsis Drive makes it hyper-efficient to empower your team, clients, and products with huge amounts of spatial data.

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Streamline your workflows

Deploying new or updated spatial data into your models, mapping tools and analytics pipelines is time-consuming. Use Ellipsis Drive to activate any type of spatial data as a uniform web service and plug it into your workflows with a single line of code. This automated data ingestion helps you save time, reduce costs and advance your product value.

Put it on a map

You can create greater value and impact with your risk data by making it available on a map. Ellipsis Drive lets you render millions of properties onto live high-performance web-maps, straight from your database. Take your products and services to new heights, without taking on a new development track.

Commercialize your data

To unlock the full commercial value of your data, it needs to be easy to manage and consume for every potential audience. Ellipsis Drive helps you turn valuable but hard-to-use data on your servers, into an offering that connects directly with your products and client workflows.

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Your Drive, your Data:
Securely hosted

Ellipsis Drive comes with advanced built-in data security and privacy capabilities, providing secure access to your spatial files.

Operating on a simple monthly storage fee. Say hello to zero user-based fees and uninhibited content sharing with tailored access for everyone.

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