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Our Partners

Tilebox streamlines data acquisition into actionable insights, for any sensor or industry, both in orbit and on Earth. It allows satellite operators to concentrate on their hardware and refine their algorithms, while efficiently processing payload data into final products.

Ellipsis Drive customers can benefit from this streamlined approach, and enjoy significantly reduced timeframes from data acquisition to insightful analysis.

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SkyWatch's EarthCache provides the simplest way to order analysis-ready satellite data from multiple providers.

It takes only a few clicks to buy satellite imagery with the EarthCache Console or to collect it via the EarthCache API, delivered straight into your Ellipsis Drive account.

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PlanetObserver provides subscription based online map services that deliver immediate streaming access to up-to-date global imagery.

Simply connect your GIS or business solutions to the service and save the costs of handling, storing and updating your data products internally.

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We have imagery delivered via Ellipsis Drive for easy data management and seamless integration with our clients processes.

Data Scientists

Jordan Schwantz

Partner Success Manager at SkyWatch

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Providing actionable geo-information about tree health that creates value for farmers and foresters is our core focus. It's great to work with Ellipsis Drive as a platform for data management, collaboration and integration to stay true to that focus while also providing end-to-end solutions for users and partners.

Hamed Mehdipoor

Co-founder & Director at Spectro-AG

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Our EO data based information products place high demands on the flexibility and performance of the underlying data infrastructure. By collaborating with Ellipsis Drive, we can focus more on further improving the quality and user-friendliness of our products, which serves the interests of our customers.

Data Scientists

Roland Hooghiemstra


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Ellipsis Drive helps us visualize and live-stream our high volume spatial datasets to support the efforts of our sales team. We experience great responsiveness from Ellipsis Drive whenever we need their assistance.

Data Scientists

Vikalpa Jetly


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Effectively distributing and integrating aerial imagery with a large and diverse group of organizations is a unique Ellipsis Drive capability. When we are stuck on anything, contact is easily established, and we can rely on Ellipsis Drive to help us deal with our challenges fast.

Data Scientists

André Nagelhout

Project Advisor at AeroVision