Solutions for GIS Specialists

As a GIS Specialist, you’re the brain that builds GIS databases and analyzes their contents. Ellipsis Drive unburdens you from database creation and maintenance, giving you more time to produce jaw-dropping analytics.


"Ellipsis Drive is a great, simplified alternative when traditional data publishing solutions become too complex for non-GIS professionals."

GIS Specialists

Davide Passarelli

Senior Technical Specialist Geoservices



Set up your GIS database

Use Ellipsis Drive to set up your fully scalable and interoperable cloud-native GIS database. Structure and index your data with a single upload and provide seamless high-performance access to anyone who needs it. No configuration needed.

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Frictionless and secure data delivery

Ellipsis Drive is used for frictionless and secure delivery of your spatial data products to colleagues, partners, and clients. Direct consumability for any audience is guaranteed.

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Selling subscriptions

Use Ellipsis Drive to provide subscription-based access to your data products. Simply name your price, set your permissions, and invite people to subscribe.

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See Ellipsis Drive in Action!

Hear why Satellogic, Skywatch, and Spacety trust Ellipsis Drive to share data with their clients! See Ellipsis Drive in Action! Schedule a demo today.

Your Drive, your data, your choice.

Ellipsis Drive has a simple storage-based payment model: you pay a monthly fee for the amount of data in your Drive.That’s it.

The number of people you share your content with, or how that content is used, is entirely up to you and does not affect fees in any way. We offer the vault, but you keep the keys!

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