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As a developer, you’re an applications mastermind. Ellipsis Drive helps you flexibly render vector and raster data in your own software with just a single line of code so you can keep being the un-frustrateable genius that you are.

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Ellipsis Drive is our #1 choice of no-nonsense backend for easy integration of spatial data with our tailor-made front-ends.

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Thijs Perenboom

Data Consultant at 52IMPACT


Spin up your spatial data archive

Use Ellipsis Drive to build out your spatial data archive in a fully scalable and interoperable way. Structure and index your data with a single upload and provide seamless access at high performance for anyone who needs it. Zero configuration needed.

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Frictionless and secure data delivery

Ellipsis Drive can be used to automate frictionless and secure spatial data delivery to colleagues, clients, and partners. We guarantee direct consumability for any audience.

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Selling your dataset

When your company or organization is sitting on valuable spatial datasets, use Ellipsis Drive to provide subscription-based access to your content. Simply name your price, set your permissions, and invite people to subscribe.

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See Ellipsis Drive in Action!

Hear why Satellogic, Skywatch, and Spacety trust Ellipsis Drive to share data with their clients! See Ellipsis Drive in Action! Schedule a demo today.

Your Drive, Your Data:
securely hosted

Ellipsis Drive comes with advanced built-in data security and privacy capabilities, providing secure access to your spatial files.

Operating on just a simple monthly data storage fee, say hello to unlimited data usage and license-free content sharing with tailored access for everyone

Ready to revolutionize the way you work with spatial data?