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As a data scientist, you sift through messy data to uncover meaningful intelligence. Ellipsis Drive structures your spatial data for you, so you can find treasured insights faster and easier.

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Ellipsis Drive is a great, simplified alternative when traditional data publishing solutions become too complex for non-GIS professionals.

Data Scientists

Davide Passarelli

Senior Technical Specialist Geoservices at Planetek


Putting intelligence on the map

To structure spatial data, annotate datasets, put together predictive maps and draw valid conclusions is an extremely precious set of efforts. Ellipsis Drive supports your activities by ensuring data is organized and indexed while being easy to query, visualize and collaborate on.

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Build your spatial data archives and libraries

Use Ellipsis Drive to build out your spatial data archive and content library in a fully scalable and interoperable way. Guarantee easy access at high performance for every data scientist, colleague or client who needs it.

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Selling your results

Ellipsis Drive can be used to provide subscription-based access to the data sets from your most valuable spatial data products. Simply name your price, set your permissions, and invite people to subscribe.

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Hear why Satellogic, Skywatch, and Spacety trust Ellipsis Drive to share data with their clients! See Ellipsis Drive in Action! Schedule a demo today.

Your Drive, Your Data:
securely hosted

Ellipsis Drive comes with advanced built-in data security and privacy capabilities, providing secure access to your spatial files.

Operating on just a simple monthly data storage fee, say hello to unlimited data usage and license-free content sharing with tailored access for everyone

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