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Private Deployment

Let Ellipsis Drive come to your organization

Solution of choice for

  • Enterprise
  • Government
  • Product-driven companies

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If you want to

  • Avoid any data migration

    Have Ellipsis Drive deployed on top of your existing storage system.

  • Keep your data within your own network

    For maximized security and performance.

  • Use your own federated identity server

    So users can login with your own account system.

  • Have configurable security settings

    To meet your organization’s requirements.

  • Customize your tenant’s branding, styling and naming

    To create a seamless experience for you and your clients.

  • Have a white glove onboarding experience

    To unburden your team and rely on expert guidance.

Instant SaaS

Plug-and-play spatial data management

Solution of choice for

  • Small businesses
  • Project-based companies
  • Startups

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You prefer

  • A fully off-the-shelf solution

    To publish, manage and share your spatial content via the web within minutes.

  • Self service

    For autonomous and low cost use.

  • Low commitment

    To flexibility scale your use of Ellipsis Drive up or down in response to need or demand

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Ellipsis Drive is the technical backbone of spatial data-driven business around the world!

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