Ellipsis Drive is here for spatial data worth sharing.

We imagine a world where all you need to exchange, view and edit spatial content, is a browser and a link.

Our mission

For the advancement of people, planet, and technology, spatial data needs to be activated, findable, and usable. For everyone. Together we have the answers, so collaboration is key.


Create value for people with data worth sharing

Be the most value added place to host spatial data that needs to be used.


Getting your content connected

Enable you to publish any spatial data in under 10 minutes, findable and usable for anyone you target.


Supporting Plug & Play use

Give you a frictionless data activation experience, whatever your starting point may be.


Safeguarding platform independence

Maximizing interoperability is at the center of what we do.


Ensuring a real time experience

Drives allow you to work together in real-time. Ellipsis Drive should be no different.


Remaining license free

No ‘’by seat’’ license fees apply. Not now, not ever. So let the sharing begin!

The values that drive us forward

Be Helpful
Be Open
Be Bold

You store it, you own it!

Ellipsis Drive has a simple pay per gigabyte business model: you pay a monthly fee for the amount you store. That’s it. The number of people you share your treasures with, is up to you.

We offer the vault, but you keep the keys!

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Ellipsis Drive is the best technological execution of leveraging OGC standards to seamlessly integrate geospatial content into any department, organization or workflow.

Scott Simmons

Chief Operating Officer

Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)

The easiest professional solution for visualizing and sharing drone images. A must-have for every professional working in spatial planning.

Dick van Leeuwen

Project Manager


Ellipsis Drive provides a full solution for data sharing, management and collaboration when relaying our results to clients.

Dominique Cirkel

Remote Sensing Expert


Delivering our data services via Ellipsis Drive helps us to focus on our product. Clients are delighted with the presentation of results.

Tim Spijkerman

Remote Sensing Expert


With Ellipsis Drive we build a monitoring system that provides us with impactful insights to understand drivers to land use change.

Sander van Andel

Program Coordinator


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