4 steps to share your spatial data with the world



Do you have spatial data worth sharing? And is data activation and collaboration turning out to be a much bigger challenge than you originally thought? Well, you have come to the right place.

At Ellipsis Drive, we provide a plug and play solution that converts your geospatial data files into beautiful online maps and web services in under 10 minutes. 

You can focus on producing great spatial data, while we ensure that it's connected to your audience!

Here are 4 simple steps on how to succeed - 

  • Create an account

Register for an Ellipsis Drive account here. The account is free of charge and comes with 5 GB of free storage. You can use this space to get your first experiences with the drive and understand the value it brings to your organization. 


We are confident that you, your colleagues and your customers will come back for more after getting a taste!

  • Create a New Folder

Once registered, you can log in to your account and create a new folder (by clicking on the blue folder with a + sign on the right).


Folders are a great way to organize the data in your drive and to share it with clients or collaborators on a folder or subfolder level (see step 3).  

  • Manage Access 

Next you can go into ‘manage sharing’ to control who has access to the data in your folders. You can add team members and clients alike and assign their permissions with the dropdown (admin, viewing, editing etc.)


Once added, your stakeholders will be notified and able to see the shared folder in ‘Shared With Me’.

  • Start Uploading

Finally the last and the most important step of all. Start uploading the geospatial data you want to share and get cracking! Just hit the big plus button to add a project and follow the steps!


That’s it! In 4 simple steps you have managed to start your geospatial journey with us. Easier than you thought right?

Do you still need some help? Why not request a live demo with our expert and get to know more about our solution. 

Join our global community of passionate spatial data professionals.

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