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Ellipsis Drive comes with a simple storage-based fee. This means that your monthly cost is determined by the amount of storage space reserved in your account. You can scale this up or down at any time. Your fees will be recalculated and adjusted accordingly.

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No data usage cost

Consume data all you want

No per user cost

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Storage volume

monthly average

5 GB50 GB100 GB250 GB500 GB1 TB

Active storage

monthly fee

FREE€75€1,50 per GB€139€1,39 per GB€299€1,20 per GB€539€1,08 per GB€929€0,93 per GB

Passive storage

monthly fee

----€0,09per GB€0,07per GB

Not sure which plan to get?


The subscription of choice if you

  • Need less than 5GBs of storage
  • Want to access content hosted by other (paying) users

50GB or more

The subscription range choice if you

  • Need over 5GBs of storage to manage your spatial data for your downstream (such as your colleagues, clients, partners, apps, tools, dashboards, etc.)
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