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Ellipsis Drive enables hassle-free data delivery for you, seamless data consumption for your buyer, and optimized data management for anyone in your buyer’s organization.




Upload. Share. Consume.

Leverage Ellipsis Drive as a complementary data delivery method to your existing product architecture. Make it easy for all end-users to access your 2D & 3D spatial data products with any workflow or app.

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For resellers offering data off-the-shelf

Use Ellipsis Drive to provide (subscription-based) access to your standardized data products. Simply name your price, set your permissions, and invite people to subscribe.

For resellers offering data on-demand

More easily serve a segment of your current userbase or expand to new industries without the need for custom solution engineering.

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We have imagery delivered via Ellipsis Drive for easy data management and seamless integration with our clients processes.

Data Scientists

Jordan Schwantz

Partner Success Manager at SkyWatch

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We want satellite data in the hands of the many, not just the few. As such it should be as easy to consume as any commodity. Ellipsis Drive supports that mission.

Data Scientists

Thomas VanMatre

Global Business Development at Satellogic

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Normalising thermal imagery and providing users with a smooth consumption experience is an imperative first step in successfully going to market with our ahead-of-the-curve data product. Ellipsis Drive makes this easy

Data Scientists

David Paredes

CSO at Aistech Space

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It is the arduous process of storage, delivery, and integration where ED and Arlula make the revolution happen that harnesses the potential of EO data

Data Scientists

Sebastian Chaoui

CEO at Arlula

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