Private Deployment

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The private tenant version of Ellipsis Drive is provided under an annual license. The yearly license fee - payable per quarter - is based on your storage volume and the scale of your deployment. Find the applied tiers for data volume and scale in the table below.

Tailored Deployment

We deploy a private instance of Ellipsis Drive to the cloud - or any server environment - of your choice, configured to fit your requirements. Our team is there every step of the way to provide white glove onboarding and save you time.

Scalability & Performance

Your use cases and workloads can change. Ellipsis Drive is engineered to handle your data regardless of volume, type or endpoint of choice. Our team performs periodic audits to help ensure your deployment performs at peak ability.

Secure by Default

Ellipsis Drive is engineered to keep your data secure and is regularly audited to ensure your peace of mind. We offer additional security configurations such as stringent backup and recovery policies and the use of your own federated identity server.

Maintenance & Support

We handle all updates, hot fixes and patches for you with no down-time in order to minimize impact to your daily operations. Ellipsis Drive’s support engineers provide 24/7 technical and consultative support to help you get the most out of your deployment.

Storage volume*

monthly average

< 4TB4TB <> 25TB25TB <> 75TB75TB <> 110TB110TB <> 205TB

Scale of deployment**

measured in server nodes

8< 1110 <> 3130 <> 7171 <> 120


yearly fee

€ 60K€ 100K€ 200K€ 300K€ 480K
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*Storage volume is calculated as a monthly average to even out peaks in data load.**One node can service around 100 simultaneous users and 3000 requests per minute.

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