Technology to make it happen

Learn what makes Ellipsis Drive profound yet wonderfully familiar


Upload to the cloud

Upload your files to Ellipsis Drive. A familiar looking cloud-based file management system that's entirely optimized for spatial data.


Activate your data

Activate your uploaded files to get them parsed, tiled, reprojected and indexed into fully interoperable, web-based data layers. Ready for high performance use by any audience you authorize.


Use and integrate

Visualize and use your interactive data layers directly in a browser, or integrate them into your tools, applications and workflows with a wide selection of fit-for-purpose packages and plugins.

Your Drive, Your Data:
securely hosted

Ellipsis Drive comes with advanced built-in data security and privacy capabilities, providing secure access to your spatial files.

Operating on just a simple monthly data storage fee, say hello to unlimited data usage and license-free content sharing with tailored access for everyone

Ready to revolutionize the way you work with spatial data?