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New Partnership to Transform EO Data Delivery



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“Geospatial data startups join forces to change the EO industry.”

On February 24th Ellipsis Drive and Arlula announced a partnership that will empower a new generation of Space based Earth Observation (New Space EO) companies to scalably deliver EO products around the world by overcoming data delivery and integration challenges that have held back surging growth for the industry. 

For decades Earth Observation data has been collected at an increasing speed and quality, outpacing innovation in the areas of data distribution, processing and management. This has led to a significantly slower adoption of satellite imagery for commercial applications than predicted. With scores of new EO programs to be launched over the next decade, there is a tremendous need for a truly effective way to deliver EO products to millions of new users around the world and meet their consumption needs. 

“It is the arduous process of storage, delivery, and integration where the revolution still needs to happen in order to harness the projected potential we are all looking for” - Arlula CEO, Sebastian Chaoui. 

Traditionally, New Space data operators were forced to constantly reinvent systems and workflows to safely store their archives, get data to buyers, and help them be successful with their purchases. Old methods of data management and integration have proven to be increasingly problematic with growing data loads and demands for performance, interoperability and access management. Since EO clients can’t be expected to wrangle data into shape for their specific purposes, oftentimes the operator must do so instead. Today, Ellipsis Drive and Arlula jointly offer a new option. 

“By making it simple to connect Remote Sensing data products to their target audience, this partnership helps satellite operators and data sellers bring fast value to their clients and shorten their own window to profitability.” - Ellipsis Drive CEO, Rosalie van der Maas. 

The Ellipsis Drive Arlula partnership offers satellite operators a pre-built, high performance, hosting, processing, and integration pipeline for EO Data. It’s everything a new space company needs once their satellite starts sending data down to earth. This allows new space operators to leapfrog into value creation and revenue generation. 

This new partnership between Ellipsis Drive and Arlula seeks to smooth out the path between raw EO data and the end user. Something that the entire industry stands to benefit from. 

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