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S[&]T and Ellipsis Drive form Strategic Partnership



A New Strategic Partnership

S[&]T's information products using Earth Observation Data place high demands on the flexibility and performance of the underlying data infrastructure. By collaborating with Ellipsis Drive, S[&]T can focus more on further improving the quality and user-friendliness of its information products, which serves the interests of our customers.

"Our team firmly backs this partnership and is excited about the validation it provides for our value in the Remote Sensing and GIS space. S[&]T is a key, trusted player in the ecosystem, and their commitment to Ellipsis Drive in their new developments means a lot to us."

- Roland Hooghiemstra, CEO of Science [&] Technology Corporation.

"Ellipsis Drive makes the infrastructure that makes it easy for S[&]T to develop new satellite data services and share the data with S[&]T’s customers. It’s a near-perfect match: for Ellipsis Drive Science and Technology Corp is a big user, while for S[&]T making the services becomes easier by Ellipsis Drive’s infrastructure. In short: S[&]T is an application developer looking for infrastructure, and Ellipsis Drive is an infrastructure developer looking for applications."

- Rosalie van der Maas, CEO & Co-Founder Ellipsis Drive

About Ellipsis Drive

Ellipsis Drive is here for spatial data worth sharing. It is the world's very first drive that is optimized for spatial data. Uploading files to Ellipsis Drive transforms them into online maps and interoperable web services. The solution is apt for easy content management, real-time collaboration via preferred endpoints and smooth commercialization. Ellipsis Drive applies a simple storage-based pricing model: charging a monthly fee that scales with the amount of gigabytes hosted. 

About S[&]T

At Science [&] Technology Corporation a diverse group of professionals conduct high-tech, primarily Earth Observation related Data projects on a daily basis - using data from space for a more efficient, healthier and safer life on Earth. Our experience covers everything from sensor-system development to complex data processing and advanced data analytics.

Both teams look forward to building out their combined impact and leveraging their joint strengths to be changemakers and frontrunners in their space. We invite you to get in touch to learn more and to see how your organization can benefit from our work together!

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