Learn how Ellipsis Drive can help organizations like yours to be more successful when using, producing, and sharing spatial data.


Civil Engineering & Consultancy

Quantum leap efficiency in data management, sharing and collaboration for every project that relies on spatial data. A perfect solution for multidisciplinary organizations managing a myriad of data flows and stakeholders. Introduce uniformity in spatial data access and management that can finally transcend project horizons.

(Remote) Sensing & (Geo) Analytics

Immediately connect your content and results to team members, partners, and clients. Via the web or through seamless integration with their favorite tools. From a URL link to an online map, to OGC standard web services, Python, and REST-API. Real-time availability, versioning, feedback loops and permissions are all taken care of. This is how you make rapid prototyping and running projects easy.

Resource Management & Conservation

Activate data as a resource to better manage natural or manmade assets. Make content appropriately accessible for different professionals or stakeholders via their preferred digital gateways. Enjoy collaborative mapping, web based visualizations, and plug-and-play sharing to make decisions and tell the stories that matter.

Mapping & Enterprise Software

Interested in Ellipsis Drive capabilities to strengthen your own software product? You have plenty of reasons too! Unburden you users in data activation, management, conversions, permission setting, versioning, sharing, hosting, searching and much more. Get in touch with our team to discuss the possibilities to ensure your users success!


Share data sets safely and in an interoperable manner across groups and universities. Real-time availability, versioning, and access control is all taken care of for easy collaboration. Relevant data is findable and uniformly accessible to colleagues from across the globe and across disciplines. Publishing your work to the public is done in under 10 minutes.

Geodata Dissemination

Solidify customer success by optimizing their experience and capabilities whenever your data is used. Leverage Ellipsis Drive to have needed content activated for direct use via tools of choice and allow users to easily view and combine it with their own datasets and results. Now you can serve important data on a silver platter: Looking great and ready for use by anyone.

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Managing and delivering geodata

Geospatial data producers like drone operators or surveying companies need an easy way to manage their data acquisition and deliver products to clients. Ellipsis Drive makes a powerful combination of low threshold data warehousing, uniform delivery for the operator, and flexible data access for the client for seamless integration.

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Commercializing spatial analytics

Producers of geospatial analytics, such as remote sensing companies, geodata analysts and data scientists, are in need of a commercialization framework for their insights. Current solutions restrict monetization options for created content and intelligence.

Ellipsis Drive can be used as your off-the-shelf commercialization framework to sell content directly under pay-per-use or licensing model. Content can also be fed into your own SaaS products. No restrictions apply when generating revenue with your own content!

Ellipsis Drive allows easy reselling of spatial data, such as air quality or land subsidence information, and offers users a marketplace and search engine to connect supply and demand directly.

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Asset management

In an era of digital transformation, asset management is an increasing virtual affair. Having a common and up-to-date operating picture that facilitates interoperable data usage and flexible analysis is key to effective data management, controlling versions, estimating risk and planning maintenance.

Ellipsis Drive is a lightweight tool for interoperable geodata warehousing and collaboration that helps you optimize the workflow of your analytics team and maintenance crew alike. A common, real-time operating picture for controlled data management and cutting edge analysis.

Receive, manage, edit and disseminate local sensor readings in real-time using Ellipsis Drive. Once safely in our database, measurements can be viewed, edited, and shared to other applications and analysis software. All changes are continuously tracked and logged. For good data hygiene and the possibility to track and correct errors.

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Managing spatial administrations

Keeping spatial administrations up-to-date is a huge and cumbersome task for municipalities, cities and water districts. Many companies play key roles in detecting changes, creating new data, and updating the administration.

Ellipsis Drive can be used by municipalities and companies to detect changes, edit data, and update the administration simultaneously. Cutting through layers of complexity caused by decentralized storage and versioning. Using Ellipsis Drive, all stakeholders can be given fitting access right so all can do their work effectively and based on an inherently up-to-date and common operating picture. Let’s say goodbye to the clutter!

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Environmental monitoring

In our changing world pressure on resources is growing. Getting timely insights on landscape dynamics is needed to act fast and data-driven.

Ellipsis Drive enables users to acquire, process and deliver valuable landscape and asset insights in a fully automated fashion. Just schedule the jobs and seamlessly integrate results into any system or workflow.

Leverage Ellipsis Drive to set-up monitoring systems, and use the power of AI to support faster, more accurate decision making.

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Optimize workflows and collaboration

Most work gets done by multiple professionals with unique expertise. While diversity makes teams better, dealing with spatial data between them is hard. Every professional has their own relation with spatial content. Some are comfortable receiving and processing raw files, others need it visualized, and a third may need it to be in a structured database with API before being able to do their job.

On top of having preferences in how to deal with spatial content of their own work, many organizations are also dealing with distributed data creating and management between teams. Spatial planning & surveying companies for example, face significant time delays in data acquisition by surveyors in the field and data processing by their colleagues at the office. Bringing together locally sensed data and remotely sensed data, or updating edits made by curators or analysts, creates a very chaotic picture to manage.

Ellipsis Drive provides a common operating picture accessible for all users, regardless of their work preferences. Data can be edited, uploaded and commented on in real-time, from any device. Via a user interface, through scripting, or completely automatically as scheduled jobs.

Increase operational efficiency and rule out human error in your workflow!

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Empowering GIS professionals

A common ecosystem for data analysis and collaboration is ArcGIS Online, but sharing your spatial content with non-GIS colleagues requires expert users to edit content and publish them as maps. This is an unnecessary time sink for technical people. In addition, sharing content with clients or joint venture partners implies a lot more friction and limitations due to software licensing restrictions on both ends. Commercializing content as a service is even an impossibility if there is no desire to share revenues with the platform provider.

Ellipsis Drive can be used in combination with ArcGIS or other GIS software to enable users to collaborate without limitations, to share content by copying and pasting a link, and to monetize their work in any way they please.

Host your data in Ellipsis Drive, connect with ArcGIS Online and become the #1 supplier or partner in any venture by having a completely interoperable and unrestricted data sharing, collaboration and commercialization setup. Be unmatched!


How do I create an account?

Go to register, fill in your details and don’t forget to confirm your email address. Make sure to check your spam folder if you haven’t received it yet.

Is Ellipsis Drive a paid service?

Partly. Using existing content and collaborating on existing projects is free of charge, unless the owner is charging users and collaborators a subscription fee. You will be notified of this before agreeing to such payment terms. If you are the owner of projects on the Drive, you are charged a feed based on the amount you are currently storing. In short, usage is free unless you make use of paid content or if you host your own projects.  

To help new users settle in without risk to their business, our support team can get you started with your first projects free of charge. Contact us here to make your request!

How can I increase or decrease my storage space?

Go to the Drive and navigate to storage details at the bottom left. Here you can increase and decrease your storage space in the drive.

How can I make payments?

You have three options here.

1. You can increase your balance by making a direct payment to your account via PayPal. Your new balance is visible right away.

2. You can request an invoice by contacting us with the amount that you’d like to increase your balance with, the username of the target account, and your companies invoicing details if they are not yet known to us. Your new balance will be available within 24 hours.

3. As a trusted enterprise user you can choose to incur a negative balance and receive an invoice once a certain limit is reached (for example at - 200,-). That way you control the frequency and height of your invoices and you won’t need to manage balance manually.

How can I receive payments?

You can generate revenue with your Drive content by setting a monthly subscription price. You receive payments from subscribers as balance on your Ellipsis account. These funds can then be transferred to your preferred bank account form there. Costs incurred during financial transitions, due to for example currency exchange, are for the cost of the user.

Can I share my data with people who do not have an Ellipsis account?

Yes, definitely! There are two ways to do this:

1. By making your content public. In case you make your content public anyone can view your data without any credentials.

2. By enabling link sharing for your project(s). If you choose to enable link sharing, only people with the correct link can access your content. 

You can configure the access to your projects in settings.

How can I plug my data into other applications such as QGIS and ArcGIS?

Ellipsis Drive is developed as an interoperable framework. You can use your data via standard protocols such as WFS-t and WMTS, via the Ellipsis Python package or via the API directly. Go to the developer center to see how.

How can I reduce my running cost?

We have two key tips for reducing cost:

1. Only host visualizations of your raster data and remove the raw material. This can easily save you 80 to 90% of storage space. 

2. Store your old projects in Ellipsis Drive cold storage. That way the meta data remains searchable and you can choose to reactivate the content at any point in time, while cutting down on spending.

What is the difference between hot and cold storage?

Projects in hot storage are activated for all Drive functionalities. You and your collaborators can use your content simultaneously and in any tool. Not using your project very frequently anymore? Then you can place your project in cold storage (3 euro cents per GB). Here the meta data remains searchable but you need to activate your data again in hot storage to be able to use it.

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